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Wallbox Pulsar Plus


Wallbox Pulsar Plus chargers are designed for smart EV charging with high power and an incredibly small footprint. The Pulsar range is ideal for everyday use at home. With its compact and minimalist design, it fits in any garage and features a wide variety of options through the myWallbox app.



No earth rod

Built-in earthing protection means no earth stake is needed for the installation and it keeps the install neat.

Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity

Connect your Pulsar Plus to the myWallbox app via WiFi and Bluetooth for a stable connection.

Charge scheduling

Set up schedules so the car charges when you want it to, such as when your electricity rate is at its cheapest.

Remote locking

There will be no unwanted use of your charger thanks to the Pulsar Plus' remote lock and unlock feature.

Up to 22kW charging output

The Pulsar Plus is available as a 7.4kW tethered unit, adding up to 48 km an hour to your EV.

Status lights

LED lights on the device show you the current charging status of the Pulsar Plus.



White or Black

Charging Output

Available as a standard 22kW charging output



1 kg

Cable Length

5 meters


H166 x W163 x D82mm


Charger incorporates storage area for charging gun.


Type 2 tethered units available only.

Manufacturer's Warranty

3 years

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