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Commercial EV Chargers

Invest in a Greener Future

Our EV chargers are ideal for workplace, hotels, retail establishments, shopping malls, airports, business parks, and much more. Install chargers and EV drivers will follow.
Attract top talent and improve employee satisfaction.
 Increase your return on investment by generating revenue from visitors charging their EVs.
Show your company’s green leadership and help achieve corporate social responsibility goals.
Enhance the value of your property. Plus you can scale your charging operation easily with our smart installation options.
Attract high income EV drivers and increase valuable foot-traffic to your establishment.
As EV adoption accelerates, so too will your occupancy rates!

Charging stations for commercial use

EVBOX Businessline Malaysia

EVBOX BusinessLine

AC charging station with proven technology, intelligence and reliability.
One hour of charging = up to 120 km
Max charging power = 22 kW per connector
EVBOX Troniq 50 Malaysia

EVBOX Troniq 50

50kW DC fast charging station is ideal for rapid charging at commercial parking locations especially for short-term visitors.
One hour of charging = up to 275 km
Max charging power = 50 kW per connector
EVBOX Troniq Modular Malaysia

EVBOX Troniq Modular

Modular DC charging station with upgradable power modules that can deliver from 90kW to 240kW, perfect for future-proofing commercial parking locations.
One hour of charging = up to 444 km
Max charging power = 240 kW per connector

Ready to attract new customers and earn extra revenue?

Simply fill out your details and we'll give you a call to discuss your charging needs.

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