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Wallbox Copper SB


Wallbox Copper SB is adapted for commercial and semi public use. With the introduction of a universal socket, the charger is suitable for both Type 1 and Type 2 vehicle connectors. Access control is managed through RFID.
The Copper SB is an intelligent device that is always connected to the myWallbox charging management platform. As a result, multiple users can be monitored and available power can be distributed amongst various chargers.



Enable Plug & Play or RFID card

The charging station operates in Plug & Play or RFID card choice . Plug & Play as soon as you connect the cable to your vehicle and the charging station, charging begins.

Mini Size

Wallbox Copper SB is one of the smaller charging stations market. Discreet, lightweight and convenient. It is also robust (IK 08) and is resistant to heavy rain (IP 55). It can be installed outside without protection against rain.

Outstanding design

Its black hard glass finish makes Copper SB our best-looking charger. No matter where you install it, Copper SB will make your company look great.

Mobile Connectivity

Allows your Wallbox to communicate with its MyWallbox charging management platform using 3G or 4G networks. For updated and synchronized data in real-time.

Power Boost

Thanks to built-in smart charging functionalities, it is easy to scale up the number of EV chargers at your location as your business grows.

DC Leakage Detection

Triggers an error when leakage current is detected, and notifies with a flashing red light.




Charging Output

Available as a standard 22kW charging output



2 kg

Cable Length



H260 x W192 x D113mm


Charger incorporates storage area for charging gun.


Type 1 and Type 2 untethered.

Manufacturer's Warranty

2 years

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