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Wallbox Commander 2


Specially designed for semi-public or corporate parking zones. The Commander 2 comes with a 7-inch touch screen that allows power adjustment from the screen. It communicates with the MyWallbox Portal or App via WiFi, Ethernet or Bluetooth. The Commander 2 is available with a maximum power up to 22 kW for three-phase installations and 7.4 kW for single-phase installations and comes with an integrated type 1 or type 2 cable.



Built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, ethernet connectivity

The wallbox Commander 2 offers unrivalled network stability thanks to its WiFi and mobile data connections.

RFID access

Wallbox Commander 2 comes with an RFID card which you can use to access the charger screen.

PIN functionality

PIN access adds extra layer of security.

Built-in storage

Built-in compartment neatly stores charging gun to keep it out of sight and dry.

7" touchscreen

Large, responsive touchscreen makes it easy to log in and use the Commander 2.

Multi-user access

The Commander 2 allows for multiple profiles, so more than one staff member can access one charging unit with his or her own unique PIN.



White or Black

Charging Output

Available as a standard 22kW charging output



2.4 kg

Cable Length

5 meters


H152 x W221 x D115mm


Charger incorporates storage area for charging gun.


Type 2 tethered units available only.

Manufacturer's Warranty

3 years

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